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Founded in 2008,Africa Medical Supplier Ltd (AMS) is a medical distribution company that provides medical equipment, hospital furniture, Rapid Diagnostic tests, Medical consumables along with pharmaceuticals products to the health institutions for all medical conditions including Non-Communicable Diseases - NCDs (Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory diseases, Kidney diseases) to public institutions, private pharmacies, NGO’s, and international agencies in order to contribute towards the improvement of the health system in Rwanda and across the regional. Our vision and strategies in the country gives us a competitive advantage to increase our product portfolio and build strong relationships with our partners and clients. We deliver, install and provide after-sales services countrywide. We participate in both public and private tenders, and conduct sales directly to clients. We value greater opportunities to collaborate directly with manufacturing companies to achieve long term mutual goals, in order to ensure that the end users have access to high quality affordable products for their health care needs. In this regard, our working relationship with world class manufacturers has given us the ability to refine our marketing strategy, and has positioned us as the primary health care distributor in Rwanda. Africa Medical Supplier has more than 400 clients in both the public a private sector; including but not limited to hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies, health centers, UN agencies, NGO’s and Ministry of Health programs.

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